Lianne Wong

What ART means to me:

Art has always been inside me, as I come from two grandfathers who were artists, one a painter, the other a woodcarver. However, for the past 30-40 years, it had to be put on the back burner as I dedicated my time to being a mother and an elementary school teacher. Now that my own two have grown and I have retired, I have the time to develop my art. I found my way to Daunna’s Art Studio, and now I see the world through different eyes.
Through Daunna’s instruction, I have learned to tune in to colors, textures, light and shadow, perspective and proportion, motion…all coming together into a kind of music, a sharing of feeling. These excite and challenge me to sit down at my table to capture and record what I see and feel. Art is everything to me; a form of expression, an escape from the harsh and the ugly, and best of all, a way of sharing the beauty around me. I want people to look at what I have done and feel something musical.