Daunna's Art Studio provides an opportunity to express yourself and study the visual arts in a studio setting. Each lesson in the different media is taught to you individually or in small groups, and you continue at your own rate and depth of study.

Main lessons are in:

  • pencil, pastels, and pen drawing
  • watercolors, Sumi-e, acrylic, oil, and airbrush painting
  • ceramic hand-building (all ages) and wheel-throwing (age 9 and above)
  • block, stamp, and monoprinting individual silk-screening
  • creative stitchery, weaving, and puppetry
  • sculpture with wire, paper, cloth, foam and papier-maché
  • tile and glass mosaic and glass etching

Because instruction is individualized, adults, teens, and children are welcome to attend the same class.

We take students from age 6 and up. If there is room, we take 5 year olds, but an adult from the family must stay with them, not to do their work but to help them.

Classes are in session in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall with different class times throughout the year. Call to get the upcoming schedule. Or download it here.

Please be aware that classes tend to fill up quickly, and previous students have priority, so do call soon to ensure a space.

The cost of materials are included in the class price.
Classes are two hours long.

Make sure to wear old comfy clothes that can get paint or
ink on them.