Can I just drop in for a class?

Yes, if you don't want to register or sign-up for a space, you can come whenever it is convenient for you, on a space-available basis. The cost is $45 per class. Please call ahead to see if there is room.

What about my sister? And my brother?

If you are a registered member of a class, and members of your ohana would like to stay and do their own work, they can do so for $40 per class, if space is available.

What happens if I need to miss a class?

Make-ups will be allowed in case of games, meets, sickness, or unexpected trips out of town. If you plan to be absent, please call and let us know as someone may want to take your place for that class.

What should I wear?

Choose old, comfortable clothes to be your studio outfit, since some of the materials will stain your clothes. We do have smocks in case you forget.

Who's that guy with the accordion?

That's Daunna's husband, Andrew. Ask him about the Golden rectangle.